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Afternoon Delight [The PM Links]

photo of hot katy perry pictures

The hottest celebrities in their coochie-cutters. [The Frisky]

Britney Spears through the years – the photos are almost heartbreaking. [Celebuzz]

Italy is about to throw a serious smack-down on Jersey Shore. [Right Celebrity]

What do Adam Lambert, Kate Hudson, and Fergie have in common? Uh, this uncomfortable picture. [Socialite Life]

Everyone’s afraid that Chris Brown‘s going to go all Chris Brown on them, ’cause Chris Brown is batshit-fucking-crazy. [The Superficial]

Amber Heard on Playboy. Oh yes. [Caught on Set]

Oh no, more Christina Aguilera nudes. Let’s all hope they’re from five years ago, OK? [Yeeeah]

Rebecca Black Swan: as heinous as you’d think, but oddly satisfying. [OMGBlog]

Katy Perry‘s mom thinks her tits are from the devil. [The Blemish]