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Four Words You Never Needed to See Next to Each Other: “Kathy Griffin Topless Photos”

You see that half-naked ginger running into the bushes? That’s comedian Kathy Griffin, who moments before this photo was snapped, was dancing completely topless on a dock in Miami. Titties floppin’ all over the place, the whole deal. We have pictures after the jump, but before you go and check them out (and probably make disparaging remarks about her appearance and behavior in the comments,) can I just say that there’s something so refreshing about how shameless and non-shit giving this lady is? She’s fifty years old, she’s at the highest point in her career, and she still can’t help herself from dancing at the end of the dock like she’s a 16-year-old runaway living off of tips. You’re either the kind of person who can appreciate that level of spiritedness or not, and I’m the former.

Kathy Griffin’s semi-nudes are after the jump, fools.

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  • Well, while I wouldn’t do it (because I DO give a shit), she looks a whole lot better than that fat ass douche guy in the last photo who is recoiling in horror at the sight of middle-aged breasts. The old double standard is still hanging around. Guys can slob their big guts all over the beach (or wherever) and still rationally think that they are viable super-model bait, while a chick with and otherwise in shape bod can be all but shot dead for DARING to “air the flapjacks.” Hey, Fatso, I wouldn’t bang you with somebody else’s p*ssy!

    • The fat guy called and said he wouldn’t fuck you with Charlie Sheen’s dick wrapped in burlap.

    • blasted1… your name should be man_hater_supreme or ultradyke-penisenvy. If you paid any attention to the photo and tried not to spit venom at every perceived indiscretion of the male species within your orbit, you would notice that he’s trying to get a picture of her… see the camera in his hand? And the fact that he is “recoiling in horror” is really just him tripping on the curb as he backs up, trying to NOT become the goofy bastard that wanted a picture of “middle-aged-breasts” so badly that he fell on his ass. The average male body is not good looking at all, but you’re the type of woman that turns normal hetero-men gay.

      • Wow, looks like I hit a nerve with you!!! People like YOU always get all huffy & pissed when they hear the truth. I bet you’re a big ole’ fatty just like I was talking about. Now, reply to me and babble some more “outrage.” Have fun jerking off to porn…it’s as close as you’ll get to the real thing, Mr. Pissy Pants!

      • Mr. Pissy Pants! That’s some quality name calling. BTW, porn doesn’t want to cuddle afterward.

  • She’s always been one of the queens of plastic surgery — her nose a couple times, her eyes, botox, etc., etc. I say “go, girl” on the hopping around naked shit but she could shut the AARP convention DOWN if she had gotten some implants after she lost all that weight a few years ago. Not that being proud of what ya got is a bad thing but…she’s got the plastic surgeon on speed dial anyway…….

  • Very brave. Wish I was that “spirited,” as you say. Reminded me of Tilda Swinton’s topless scene in _I Am Love_. But yeah, I too thought she got the boobies plumped when she did the rest of her work?

  • I can see how she wouldn’t stack up next to a 22-year-old, but for a fifty-year-old she’s spectacularly hot.

  • I think middle-aged women are sexy! Id love be looking down at her pretty face and jiggle her jigglies!! she’s stunning!! plus her self-confidence gives me a middle-aged overweight woody!!

  • I feel no reason to question the validity of these pics, but didn’t Kathy have falsies? She’s pretty open about her surgery, are they flat because they’ve been deflated? I am a fan and am confused by all of this…

  • Actually, I thought that she looked better before the surgery. I think she’s a babe anyway, considering that I’m a sucker for a redhead with porcelain skin tones, and freckles to boot. If she feels the need to pump those pups up, I’m sure that she’ll do it. Anyone have her email address?


  • Good thing that’s not her real email address. I’d make her into the woman that she really wants to be, and she’d like it. She’s crying out to be dominated off stage. Just another sick submissive with no outlet for her needs and desires. Whooopow!