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Kathy Griffin Explains Why She Left ‘Fashion Police’


Kathy Griffin quit Fashion Police after only 7 episodes, and was kind of vague as to why and what happened. She posted a really long Tweet but wasn’t very specific, saying, “I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show.” But Howard Stern was able to get a little more out of her. She sat down with him and here’s what she had to say, via Us. I think she’s being pretty honest and truthful, saying,

I probably shouldn’t have taken the gig. Melissa [Rivers] is the one who called me and said, ‘You’re the only person that I feel my mom would truly have given her blessing to.’ So that was kind of the decider.

I don’t really feel it was my best work. I stand by my specials and my series. The lane that that show was in was so specific that they weren’t able to make the transition to the comedic lane that I work in. I just don’t think that it’s really what I do. I think Joan was the master of the one liners and the zingers.

And yup, she had something to say about the whole Kelly Osbourne/Zendaya fiasco:

I was, you know, a little surprised by [Kelly Osbourne quitting]. Because it was like an ‘up and I’m out of here’ and she is pals with Zendaya so she felt like, I think, she was like sticking up for her pal.

When Stern asked if Ms. Griffin thought Osbourne used the controversy as an excuse to leave, Griffin replied,

I do kind of get that feeling. I think that Kelly has said post [leaving] that she had four or five such great years with Joan. And, to me, that means, ‘You know it’s not the same as it was with Joan’ and I’ve got to be honest, I kind of feel the same way.

Okay, so who wants to place bets on how much longer this show is gonna last? It seems like at this point, it’s just limping along. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that E! is putting the show on an “extended hiatus.” Yeah, I don’t think anyone would be shocked if it never came back from said hiatus.

I mean, I don’t think anyone really watches it anymore, anyway. Are any of you guys Fashion Police fans?

Let’s say they decide to pick the show back up. Who do YOU think should replace Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne?

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Kathy Griffin is quitting ‘Fashion Police’ after only 7 episodes

kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin only replaced her dear friend Joan Rivers on E!’s Fashion Police a couple of months ago after Joan’s untimely death, but she’s already ready to hit the road because of what a massively hot mess the show is. It seems Kathy had been having issues all along, but after the whole Giuliana Rancic and Zendaya racism controversy and after Kelly Osbourne left, Kathy decided it was time for her to get out, too. She announced the news via Twitter, as you do:

Super classy statement – I’m with it. I’ve always really liked Kathy Griffin and think this is a smart move, to be honest. Without Joan, Kelly and now Kathy, that show might as well give it up. Lord knows Giuliana ain’t got any personality. Bye, Felicia! (I always wanted to use that despite the fact that I’ve never even SEEN Friday! I know, how dare I. I don’t watch Bad Girls Club, either. I lose!)

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Kathy Griffin was turned away from late night TV because she’s a woman

kathy griffin

Whether you love Kathy Griffin or hate her, you can’t deny that one of the most refreshing things about her is her absolute candor about the ups and downs of her career. It certainly ain’t always glamourous, and she’s definitely faced her fair share of rejection, but she takes it all in stride with a great amount of humour and just keeps trudging forward. Not only that, but she’s stayed down-to-earth and still regards the whole world of celebrity with as much amazement and bewilderment as we all do.

All of that is exactly why I believe Kathy when she said she was turned away from even being in the running for Craig Ferguson’s late night chat show spot just because she’s a woman. Kathy approached CBS about the show and was told that they’re not actually looking for women, and that was pretty much that.

From The Poughkeepsie Journal:

“I was interested in the Ferguson spot long before it was announced because I had a feeling things might shift,” said a candid Griffin. “My joke phrase is, ‘I can start Monday.’”

The response of one executive to her query: “They’re not considering females at this time,” she recounted.

“You realize that’s illegal to say in a business meeting?” was Griffin’s comeback.

When she told another industry exec that the absence of female hosts was “embarrassing” and that women who represent half the population should hold half of such jobs, he had a ready answer: “Well, you have ‘The Talk.’”

That show, of course, is in daytime and has five co-hosts, not one powerful female comedian owning the nighttime stage.

The effect, even for a resilient professional like Griffin, is dispiriting.

“I walk into the (meeting) room thinking, ‘I’ll give it a shot.’ I leave the room thinking, ‘I never had a chance,’” she said.

For the record, it’s UK actor James Corden who got the post, and for those of you who are saying that Kathy got turned away not because of her gender but because she’s not all that funny, neither is he. And neither was Jay Leno, and his ass was on TV for decades. Letterman isn’t even that funny, but because he’s a man, he’s apparently more worthy of the job? Nah, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t be so bad if they hired a man of colour, but considering that’s likely not on the cards either, I think it’s clear that to the big networks, TV is a straight white man’s game.

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Wanna See Kathy Griffin’s Nude Photoshoot?


Kathy Griffin stipped down for a photoshoot, and I admit, I didn’t see this coming. She was shot by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, who says the two met through Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean.

Some of the photos remind me of creepster Terry Richardson‘s work. Click below the cut to see her naked (bum and boobs). What do we think? She’s 53, and I gotta say, she brings it.

But still seems to odd to me. I can’t help but wonder why she did it. This seems like the kind of thing she’d make fun of.

What do you think of the pics?

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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Grammy’s Fashion



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Sorry, but I’m not ready for this to be a new thing.

Let’s take a look at what others wore to this craptacular awards show!

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Best, Worst, and WTF of SAG Awards Fashion

Jennifer Lawrence Lupita Nyong'o

Jennifer Lawrence with actress Lupita Nyong’o. I really want to know what they were talking about.

The SAG Awards is probably the most “meh” of all awards shows, am I right? Still, that’s no reason to ignore the fashion. Why? Because it’s fun. Here are some looks from the 20th Annual SAG Awards. Let’s go through and pick the looks for BESTWORST, and WTF.

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I don’t think Amanda Peet knows how to dress anymore. This is something I’d expect from Chloë Sevigny, and I don’t even know if she could pull this off. It’s just so…fug. I’m sorry, I know “fug” is played-out, but I cannot summon any other words to accurately describe this dour mess.

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Kathy Griffin Isn’t Sorry for Acting Like a Ho on National Television

photo of kathy griffin letterman cnn anderson cooper pictures
Wait, you missed that Kathy Griffin acted like a ho on national television? Because, oh, yeah: Kathy Griffin acted like a ho on national television. Thought you knew.

No, Kathy appeared with David Letterman last night, and when David insinuated that he wanted to discuss Kathy’s blowjob simulation, she had this to say:

“If you think this is the part where I’m going to apologise for trying to go down on Anderson Cooper you are sorely mistaken. I tried, ladies and gays, I tried for you.”

So, alright. Just when you thought it was safe to say that Kathy Griffin couldn’t get any less classless than she already is, she goes and exhibits another level of classlessness by trying to defend her weird, live-televised behavior.

On another note, Anderson Cooper hasn’t made any kind of public statements about Kathy’s attempt at “trying” to give Anderson Cooper CNN-head. Go figure.