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Kathy Griffin Fired from CNN over Trump photos

Kathy Griffin is out at CNN as host of New Years Eve.

If you saw the photo of Kathy Griffin holding the bloodied severed head of Donald Trump, you griffin31f-1-webmight have suspected a few jobs she holds would drop out.  Hell, if you watch the behind the scenes video of her and photographer Tyler Shields, she repeatedly looks at the photo and asks Shields if he’s aware they were committing career suicide.

So this aspect of the photo fall out wasn’t a complete surprise. I bet it hurt though. She loves that gig.

“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the network’s communications team announced Wednesday in a tweet.


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  • Don’t walk it back Kathy Griffin! Own that shit! That is what should happen to some ass hat trying to be a dicktator (sic) in this already great country! Burn in hell trump!

    • You are as stupid as she/it is. ANYTHING about “your” president [Barak Hussein] would bring IMMEDIATE and a huge outcry in the mainstream media/etc.
      I actually think this IS a 1st Amendment sort of thing but I hate to tell you hammerheads that it’s ILLEGAL to threaten the POTUS buttercup.
      Our Idiot Uncle Ted Nugent got spoken to by the Secret Service over his stupid statements too.
      You kids need to get over LOSING the election asap.

  • Thank Kathy Griffin should sue the fuck out of CNN for violation her Freedom of speech . 1st amendment rights and Anderson Cooper you need to grow a pair . I can not be leave you would betray Kathy like you did when you came out as gay she stayed by your side. You will be very BORING WITH OUT HER. That’s why your show got cancelled . Can not believe you just stood and let CNN throw her under the bus, what an asshole you are as a friend . Even before you new the hole story. You are such a coward . With friends like you who needs Enemies. By the way I love what she did . It’s a fucking picture she did not make or take . Just something else for trump to whine about. I hate what she did because it just gives him more power and attention . Come on CNN you know your in the wrong and you hate him too.