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ABC Wants to Reunite Rihanna And Chris Brown for Ratings

A photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard all day?

ABC didn’t press charges when Chris Brown flipped his shit on Good Morning America, and you know why?  Because if they pressed charges, it might hurt Chris’ feelings, and if they hurt his feelings, then he might not make another appearance for ABC, which is the opposite of what they want. What they want is to “milk this event for everything its worth.”  Totally classy, ABC.

E! asked ABC if there were any plans for a Chris Brown reality show, and this is the conversation that followed:

“No, that would never happen here,” said a top-level ABC insider, who knows the current situation regarding Brown very well. “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.”

I’m assured that’s a top get to get at the network right now—especially now that all things Brown have electrified the media so much. And just who would be doing the interview, Diane Sawyer?

“No, she would never do it,” the insider said matter of factly. “It would be Robin [Roberts].”

This is just too rich. The very woman who had the kiss-ass interview with Tiger Woods, and who then made up for it by not letting Brown off the hook for beating up Rihanna, now wants to help bring them back together for some kind of touchy-feeling moment?

“It’s all about the ratings,” replied my ABC source. “At all other costs.”

Does that last bit make anyone else feel dirty?  “At all other costs,” how gross.  Way to be an enabler, ABC.

Oh, and can I weigh in on the original Good Morning America incident real quick, specifically the part where he ripped his shirt off when he got angry?  Because let me just tell you, I know the guy who tears his shirt off when mad, I know him real well. And you do not want anything to do with that guy.  So all you people who think that he deserves a second chance after the Rihanna ordeal, trust me – dudes who deserve second chances don’t strip the minute things don’t go their way.  They just don’t.

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  • Bloody disgusting. But what is more disgusting is that if this shit didn’t “sell,” nobody would even consider putting it on the air. I hope Rihanna has enough class to tell ABC to eff off.

  • I’m surprised you don’t know this but-
    1. TV networks do everything for ratings.
    2. Politicians do everything for votes.
    3. Stores and merchandise brands do everything to sell things.
    Hate to be the one to break it to you.

  • If Rihanna did agree to something like that I’d be tempted to give her a nice big shiner myself. Kapow!