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This is Probably the Best Katie Holmes Has Looked in Years

photo of hot sexy katie holmes pictures at the premiere of the decision john frieda short film photos

So it’s probably because she and Tom Cruise are on their way to a divorce, right?

Hahahahaha, yeah. Who am I kidding, Tom Cruise is like the Chuck Norris of marriage. Women don’t divorce Tom Cruise – he simply releases them from their matronly, wifely duties when he sees fit. And I? I have a feeling that Tom Cruise is far, far from done with Katie Holmes.

Above, you see Katie at the premiere of The Decision, a short film sponsored by John Frieda, which takes you through the, um, big decision of a high-profile actress who decides it’s time to ditch her stylist and start dyeing her hair on her own.

This is just flat out good stuff, you guys. High quality good stuff, you know?

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