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So Sad, Kate Gosselin is Straight Up Lonely I Guess

photo of kate gosselin in new york city for her birthday celebration pictures

You’d think with all those kids and all that money that loneliness could be avoided, and that companionship could be bought just like everything else, but it appears that Kate Gosselin is officially on the prowl and looking for a man.

Kate, who turns thirty-six sometime this week, was spotted out in New York City over the last few days celebrating her birthday, and sources close to the mom of forty-nine say that her main aim during her birthday binging involves finding a man. The source claims that her NYC jaunts are more manhunts than anything else. The source says:

“It was supposed to be Kate’s 36th birthday celebration, but it was all about meeting men … She was all dolled up in a black cocktail dress, brought a camera crew and was chatting up a lot of guys. It wasn’t clear if they were actors or not.”

You know, all bias aside, and speaking honestly, Kate’s an attractive woman. She’s also, apparently, driven as the day is long, and that could be construed as attractive to a certain type of man, too. However? If girlfriend could stop being such a public bitch and start using her kids for their original intent – loving them and taking care of them and making it be a little more real – then maybe her attract-ability factor might rise just a bit higher than it has in recent years. ‘Cause hot or not, there are some things that you just don’t touch with a ten-foot pole, and Kate’s monster-fucking-attitude is one of them.

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  • Totally agree. Shallow and materialistic women admire Kate Gosselin. Women that can’t make sacrifices for their kids admire Kate Gosselin. Women that have low standards admire Kate Gosselin. There are so many better role models in the world…….and its NOT KATE GOSSELIN!

  • yeah, it’s really too bad she’s such a bitch because with her new tits and hair and the professional makeup artists she has working on her, she looks good.