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The Teenage Dream Lives a ‘Plastic Dream’

Katy Perry is a babe. There, I said it. Her music sucks, her mom creeps me out and her unbreakable ties to her super conservative religious beliefs creep me out even more, but the girl’s attractive, okay?

What’s bringing on this confession? Katie’s new spread in Plastic Dreams, which shows a more artistic and avant-garde side to the typically typical singer. Like Lindsay, Katy may be better off in photos than she is anywhere else. More of this, girl! More of this!

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  • I think it’s so funny how you people are all about ‘tolerance’ but you cannot tolerate conservatives. You bunch them all into a group of “psychos”. Sure there are some batt-shit crazy conservatives but there are also some batt-shit crazy liberals. You’re so full of crap.

    • You said it!! Earlier today I defended Molls when people were going nuts on her.. now I regret that. Molls, this post creeps me out!

  • Why do you hate conservative Christians, when they are the backbone of this country, the working families, raising children, voting consumers, who are keeping this country from completely going down the tubes, by trying to maintain a standard of decency and morals amid the chaotic decaying standards that are ruining this country? I don’t hate you. Is there not enough room for morality in your world? I love God, I trust Jesus. I do NOT hate gays, I do NOT hate non beleivers, and I do NOT hate you. Why must you continually belittle my faith? Would you say thay Muslims or Jews creep you out? Of course not. That would’nt be PC, would it? Give us that same consideration, and don’t discriminate agaisnt us.

    • Sadly, there are many people who aren’t tolerant and do actively hate who wear the mantle of Christians and they are far louder than people like you who seem to truly embrace the Christian message. It’s the vocal 3% who are causing people to hate the entire Christian community.

  • I totally agree with Mary Claire. Why is it ok on the internet to bash Christianity? Do you have a clue as to HOW MANY folks you are bashing? Is it because you don’t look for Christians to fight back? You bash Chris Brown and Mel Gibson for being bullies, and yet you do the same to an entire religion. Guess you are too afraid of Muslims to do the same. Congratulations, you make Perez look good.

  • Why are people trying to make this lukewarm performer something so great anyway? She’s average with a nice rack–like thousands of others in the world. Why keep trying to make her arty, edgy, creative, and talented?