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Shockingly, Lifetime Has Made a Movie That I Don’t Want to See

I will watch just about anything that airs on Lifetime with the fervor and excitement of a 12-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert… The Client List, The Craigslist Killer, and most recently, that Amanda Knox joint. But they’ve finally done it. They’ve finally made a movie that you probably couldn’t pay me to watch (although if you are interested in paying me to watch it, please feel free to send along an email to my personal adress.)

William & Kate is about (what else?) the love affair leading up to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but we’re no longer living in the 80s. Trying to make Americans get excited over a royal wedding seems pointless if we’re not focusing on the late Princess Diana. In fact, I feel like everyone trying to make the “fetch” that is this union happen are being kind of disrespectful of Diana’s memory.

Do William & Kate do it for you as a couple (and now, as a movie?) Will you tune in when the movie airs, or skip over it?

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  • Would $20 buy you?Cause it wouldn’t buy me. :/
    Maybe $50 would get me to watch it, if I was feeling pretty masochistic.

  • I don’t want to watch it cuz A. it won’t be true, and B. the dude they have playing William is attractive, and all the time I’d be watching him I’d be reminded of how unattractive the real William is…plus it sounded like the chick playing Kate could only speak in a british accent during the interview part of the commericial.

  • I’m from Engalnd and they’re on every TV station, in every newspaper and magazine and generally appearing all over like a bad rash. If you actually dare to say “Oh for f*cks sake I’m fed up of hearing about them now” the older ladies in the vicinity send death rays from their eyeballs and start building the gallows. I think I’m staying in bed on the day of the wedding with the curtains closed and a large bottle of vodka!!