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Love It Or Leave It: Bruno Mars is a Hat Wearin’ Fool

Bruno Mars modeled a variety of hats in the newest issue of GQ, and ladies, I gotta ask: Am I the only chick out there that dry heaves upon seeing a grown man in a hat? It’d be one thing if we were living in the 20s or if most of these hats were accompanied by zoot suits and they were going for that whole overall look, but a fedora thrown on with a flannel and some jeans? Spare me please.

I dunno, maybe some women dig this style… Are any of you out there? And you can you please remove any guys you find like this from my eye line and take them wherever you take dudes? Thank you.

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  • No. I think they’re fucking disgusting. Reminds me of all the kids I grew up with in my shitty town. They’d have their cut off shirts, dingy pants, loopy earrings and dirty nails. All of that didn’t matter though once they spiced up their ensemble with a fedora. Ready to go to Wal-Mart!

  • bruno mars sei stupendo ascolto le tue canzoni tutti i giorni sei favoloso ti adorooooooooo sei il mio cantante preferitooo ti amooo

  • I think he’s HOTTER than hot! Cute in whatever he wears and I LOVE the hats! I do think it’s a short man syndrome thing tho…it makes him appear taller!

  • I freaking love him and his little style he has, he is gunna be the next Elvis! Truly amazing! <3

  • I think that you should stop. He is amazing and I love him because he is original. If you are going to bag on him, you should have a reason to, like what is so special about you?