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Have The Olsen Twins Had Work Done?

So here’s something I’ve been wondering for like, five years now: Have the Olsen Twins had something done to their faces?

I know, I know, they grew up in the public eye, so obviously we’ve seen their faces morph quite a bit since their Full House days, but do the little girls in the left photo up top look like younger versions of the girls in the right photo? I’m thinkin’ no. A couple of nose jobs? Maybe. Some veneers? Probably. And obviously their penchant for extensions and trying out new hair colors has had an overall effect on their look… but I can’t be positive if any of this is right. Most of the plastic surgery we see is so blatant that it’s hard to pick up on the well done stuff.

What kind of work do you think Mary-Kate and Ashley have had done, if any? I could talk about this all day, so feel free to get really into this with me…

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  • I don’t think hey’ve nose jobs done. Their little sister has got the exact same nose as the twins.

  • Common knowledge- their noses for sure, more than once. Probably more too, they look like trolls.

    • They both DEF got a nose job. They were smart enough to get the same new nose so that they still look alike….like Michael and Janet did.

  • Dude, it’s obvious they’ve had their noses done. Then: flat & wide tip. Now: Slim & narrow. It was a great job by the surgeon, though.

    • but can’t it be just aging I really can’t see it and these two look like they don’t shower I don’t know how superficial or presentable they care to look

  • they just have grown! it’s why they look diffrent now! no one looks as she/he looks in age 1 year!! the face and body defenetly change in teens!! i mean after the teen years every thing goes to get much beauty at all!!!

  • After looking this up myself, I’ve determined they definitely both got nose jobs and something to make their lips look different, too… they look like they’re pouting as they smile. Not like little MK&A