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“You know, I just realized there’s bigger things in the world than just being a selfish, self-centered, prick. There’s times that it’s difficult but, you know, the good outweighs the bad. It’s nice having a healthier lifestyle than I used to have. … I mean, I get along better, I think in general, with everybody in the world. Not only my family, but just even the surrounding people.”

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, with a whole new attitude to go along with that smarmy-looking face. Disick, if you’ll remember, was a raging, insulting alcoholic that finally decided he needed to clean his act up. Still, it’s a shame that boyfriend still wears that same egg-suck dog look on his head, because although it’s awesome that he’s embraced sobriety or whatever and a better lifestyle, his face still screams ‘Pretentious douche!’ much like Paris Hilton’s vadge would STILL scream ‘Scabies!’ even if she became a nun or something.

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  • He’s not saying there is anything WRONG with being “a selfish, self-centered prick”, just that there are more important things to do. Plus he is having a difficult time not being a prick. And he’s not doing it because his behavior was abusive or indicative of an addiction, just that it’s “healthier.”
    Sounds about how people describe giving up salty food. Or not exercising.

  • You know, it must be so satisfying having all that money and still going through life looking like the sinister half of a Disney villain duo. Good for you, Scott. Good for you.

  • Boy I really wonder what is wrong with Scott. How can you see yourself so clearly on the tube and still be so lost. I really feel for that kid. What a sad life that will be having this guy for a father. Wow, what a loser. It’s really sad to see.

  • Could this douche BE A BIGGER QUEEN???

    I am not saying he sucks cock….but I would bet he would let one sit in his mouth for a little bit ;)