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Justin Bartha is a Single Dude, Ladies

picture of ashley olsen and justin bartha photos

Oh this was some news waking up this morning. Heck yes. Justin Bartha and Ashley Olsen, who dated for, like, fifteen years (alright, I give: it was only two) have split, sources confirm.

I’ve loved Justin Bartha for a really, really long time, and I’m not going to lie – I was totally devastated when I found out that Ashley and he might be shacking up together at one of her places in New York City. I mean, do you KNOW how HARD IT IS to break people up when they LIVE together? Heavens, I’m not even gonna GO there today.

Anyway, in light of Justin’s grand return to the male meat market, I’ve compiled a list, a similar list to the one that featured the ten hottest women in Hollywood, so cast your vote once and move it on, please.

#10 – Colin Firth
photo of colin firth pictures


#9 – Ralph Fiennes
picture of ralph fiennes photos


#8 – Rupert Friend
photo of rupert friend pictures


#7 – Ashton Kutcher
picture of ashton kutcher photos


#6 – Justin Bartha
picture of justin bartha photos


#5 – Joaquin Phoenix
picture of joaquin phoenix photos


#4 – Michiel Huisman
picture of michiel huisman photos


#3 – Bear Grylls
picture of bear grylls photos


#2 – Ryan Gosling
picture of ryan gosling photos


#1 – Adrien Brody
picture of adrien brody photos


Photo of Justin and Ashley courtesy of Just Jared

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  • Seriously that’s your list???? Colin Firth is the only hot guy on it…I don’t know who half the other guys are.

  • So are we voting on Colin Firth, Ralph Fiennes and Joaquin Phoenix from oh so many years ago, or are we comparing King George VI, Voldemort, and our favorite Mountain-Top-Raindrop to the likes of day Ryan Gosling and Andrien Brody?

  • Wow, is Michiel Huisman known in Hollywood these days? I didn’t even know he did any acting anymore!
    I’m from The Netherlands and he used to play in some cheesy movies here. Is he any good?

  • My god, your list is atrocious. :(
    But I must say you made the right choice in putting Gosling in there. :)

  • Yeah this is not a good list. Who the fuck is that Bartha guy anyway? Or Michael Huisman?

    Yes to Colin Firth, Ryan Gosling, Ralph Fiennes, and Colin Firth.

    What about Channing Tatum? Granted, GI Joe was horrible, but clearly you’re not going on talent here, because Ashton Kutcher is on the list.

  • Are you kidding me? I’ve seen Bear, bear assed (heehee) on his show last season! I can only hope i get to see it again this season. You have got to find a man that can survive in the wild by drinking his own urine out of a snake skin extremely sexy.

  • Blood Sarah that list is crap. Justin Friend looks like some serious inbred, and I won’t even comment on Adrien Brody. At least I know we would never argue over a man.

  • no offense, but all white guys? we see them all the time. I would appreciate a little racial diversity since the world isn’t a big old bag of wonder bread. this site is getting so boring as of the last 6 months. Beet, where the hell are you? you don’t even write anymore and the majority of the posts are just links from other gossip sites. AND some of the post are just grammatical slop. snooooooooooooooooooooozzzze!