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Quotables: Charlie Sheen Slams Jon Cryer

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“Jon has not called me. He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. … Is it going to take me calling him a ‘traitor, juvenile and scared’ for him to get it? … [And if he does call?] What’s there to say? I’ll tell him, ‘You’re a little late. Goodbye, troll’.”

Well hell. Charlie Sheen says something that I actually agree with. You mean to tell me that co-star – and alleged FRIEND – Jon Cryer hasn’t gotten a hold of him, hasn’t reached out to find out what the fuck is up with all of this psychotic behavior, when the two have been working together for so long, in such a close proximity?

Damn, Jon. That’s not very friendly.

I’d call the little wuss a troll, too. Jeez.

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  • Sarah, don’t believe everything you hear from a deeply disturbed and drug-addicted person such as Mr. Sheen.

  • Gotta disagree with you here, Sarah. In real life, many of us have toxic “friends” in our lives … You WANT to help them, but the reality is, they are mentally ill, need medical intervention, therapy and usually medication. If a friend of mine has gone that far off the deep end, I know I cannot be the nidus for change or support and I’m reluctant to take on the emotional burden of trying to fix it for him … I just know I cannot. So, I step back. Charlie isn’t crying out for help, he’s pushing people away. Let’s assume Jon does reach out … what does he say?? I’m here for you?? Um, yeah, you are ruining my career with your toxic behavior, threatening MY livelihood to support my family, as well as all the others that work to put on the show.

    Remember back when it was Charlie vs. Denise Richards? Publicly, before we knew what a fucking “Mel Gibson” Charlie is, Denise looked like the psycho. Now I’m more inclined to believe that she was in an abusive relationship and is the victim a Charlie’s psychotic – and it IS psychotic – behavior. Her reputation was ruined. NOW it’s clear what a clusterfuck-up Charlie is.

    Jon staying out of this is A CLASS ACT! He probably does care for Charlie, but hell, his toxicity is only going to rub off on Jon if Jon steps up and says “I care for Charlie – he’s a good guy”. Remember when a few celebs stepped up to support Mel Gibson or Alec Baldwin? They were lambasted by the media. Jon can’t do a damn thing for Charlie, and I totally understand stepping back as he unravels. If and when Charlie gets the help he needs, that might be an opportunity to reach out … but, if 2 and a Half Men is cancelled or tanks due to Charlies behavior, well fuck, I’d be pissed too! I’d be like: we had it GOOD and YOU fucked it up!

    Rant over. :) (Still love you!!)

    • Thank you, Tiffany. I’ve been on both sides of the line with this, but never sunk to his depths and got help years ago. This man is either going to end up dead, or sober but very alone for a long time. Maybe forever.
      The creepy people that seek to exploit him if he survives are not his friends.
      And he is no one’s friend right now.

  • I don’t think JOn has to be friends with Charlie if he feels he’s toxic, but I really do think a call would’ve been in order.

  • the question is did the two of them have a social life with each other outside of work all these years? I doubt it. So, why should Jon call him now.
    This is Charlies battle, fight your own battles, Charlie created the battle, now he wants Jon to be his mutual admiration society bitch, because they share a stage. If the execs won’t listen to Charlie, the star of the show, why would they listen to Jon, doesn’t work this way!
    Charlie pretty much walks around the set of the show anyway, he’s the straight man, with a punch line, Jon is fucking funny.
    can live without the show, it appeals to older woman anyway, like my mom, who loves it.