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Of Course There’s a Bobbi Kristina Sex Tape Now

picture of whitney houston and bobby brown's daughter bobbi kristina sex tape rumors

The chick turned eighteen over the weekend, and photos of her blowing lines like it’s her job surfaced, so what’s next, naturally? A SEX TAPE! Yes! Of course!

Bobbi Kristina, who is daughter to the Original Cracked-Out Couple, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, is said to allegedly star in a home video that probably won’t hit the markets, due to those, you know, child pornography laws that are in place protecting stupid-assed teenagers from flaunting their stuff for creepy perverts worldwide to view.  See, the video was made before this past weekend, and as I said, Bobbi Kristina just turned eighteen a few days ago. For all of you that can’t do the math, that makes Bobbi-girl’s video action ILLEGAL to view.

I guess it’s not a complete wash, though – the benefits are definitely two-fold: you don’t go to jail for exploiting underage girls, and you don’t have to suffer through viewing a female Bobby Brown lookalike getting it on. (Because what’s much scarier than that, really?)

Count your lucky stars, guys.

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  • I wonder why Whitney never did anything about BK’s looks. Braces? A nose job? Just those two things could make a world of difference in this girl’s physical appearance. How sad her parents never thought enough of her to protect her from the criticism – let’s face it, BK is very homely. She looks like a hardened, cut rate street walker. The type that charges you $10 for a bj, steals your wallet and then heads straight to the crack den.