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Getting Rid of Bobby Brown Was The Best 180 Pounds Whitney Houston Ever Dropped


Whitney appeared at the 2nd Annual BET Honors Show this weekend looking fanfuckingtastic!

And I don’t mean to be insensitive, but wasn’t Queen Latifah announced as the new Jenny Craig spokesmodel, like, over a year ago?  She was all over my television telling me how she was going to eat pre-packaged crap and get to the ever-ambiguous “healthy weight”.  Uh, did she eat all the pre-packaged crap at once?  I only ask because Queen L 2009 looks exactly like Queen L 2008 and Queen L 2007.  Or am I wrong?  I don’t pay too much attention to her body; I spend a lot more time contemplating how much easier her life will be once she comes out of the closet.  And yes, I realize what it says about me that I put anyenergy towards thinking about who Queen Latifah sleeps with. 

Anyway, I’ve got plenty of love for the big girls, but I’m sorry.  Queen hawking weight loss goods is the equivalent of Michelle Duggar doing a Yaz commercial.

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  • i think queen latifah looks fantastic. :)
    i’m not sure about her weight loss thing either,
    cuz she does look the same. :P

  • I <3 Queen Latifah just the way she is. She carries her weight perfectly–the proportions are really good. She doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight, if any.

  • She exercised to get fit and decided to eat more sensibly was what she meant, never to lose a bunch of weight specifically..

  • I don’t care about her weight – I think she could lose a little but she is still beautiful and active so, meh.

    She hawks a good cheap mascara though. And one Im not allergic to, so I am in her debt!

  • Whitney Houston looks great for her age!
    Even when I was little I always thought she looked really glamorous.

  • YEAH I thought Queen was supposed to go through with that…. weird. it must not have worked out that well.

    and great analogy!