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Leave It or Leave It: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Dress Confirms She’s The Saddest Human on Earth

These days, Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s good choices are coming fewer and further in between. The actress was snapped while shopping in Los Angeles yesterday and the dress she was wearing? It was unforgivable. On a much younger or much older woman with a much smaller or much larger frame, this frock could actually be cute in kind of a quirky way, but on the strangely bloated and aging Love, it was a hot mess. Especially when paired with black flats and a brown leather Louis bag.

I’m not an ageist, I’m not even a patternist (yes, that’s a made up word,) but I just can’t get over all the layers of wrong that are going on here. It’s infinite amounts of wrong.

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  • how can you say that? thats so mean. she is so pretty, and she can wear anthing she wants. why cant you just stop being so nasty. just stop! ive never met her, but i hope someday i get too. i heard she is a really nice person. stop making such nasty comments!

  • would wear that frock in a heartbeat. she should’ve gotten it adjusted somehow to suit her bodytype.

  • The Amish look is so hot. I’d hit it while she was milking a cow at the same time. The chubby shin meat gives a hint of the delicious fatty tissue near her vagazzaled hot pocket.