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Angelina Jolie Wants a Whole New Face, Apparently

photo of angelina jolie licking blood off of her lips pictures

According to the not-so-credible National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie is tired of her seriously gorgeous face and is ready for a new one. The source who spoke to them said that Angelina is so freaked out by the idea of aging that she wants to nip it in the bud and trade in her current face for a new one. A nose job, an eye lift, and a mini face lift are on the actresses list of dream surgeries. The source also added that Angie’s boyfriend Brad Pitt is not too keen on the idea.

While an actresses’ neuroticism would never shock me, I can’t see Angelina being the type to do this thing to herself. She’s no Rose McGowan or Meg Ryan, ya know? It’s as if being exceptionally beautiful has always just been a bonus for her, something she barely seems to notice or care about. If she was so vain, why would she have done heroin and dyed her hair that cheap black color for so long? Then again, bitches be crazy and who knows what Angelina’s like behind closed doors. She could be as big of a basketcase when it comes to her appearance as a high school girl and potentially way worse.