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Good Face Gone Bad: Rose McGowan’s Melting Mug

With some celebrity before-and-after plastic surgery photos, the question is less “what did she do to herself?” and more “what didn’t she do to herself?”

As you can see from the photos above and in the gallery, that is definitely the case with actress Rose McGowan.

When I was growing up, Rose was one of the most naturally beautiful actresses out there. You couldn’t help but worship her even despite her relationship with the uber creepy Marilyn Manson. It’s a shame she felt she had to hack away at that gorgeous face in the first place.

So what do we think she had done? Well, there’s definitely some jaw reconstruction in there and maybe a browlift. Her face also has that mushy and melty look you get from filler abuse. Meg Ryan can probably speak to that.

What surgeries do you think Rose has had over the years?

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  • just so u know she had an accident like 2 yeras ago i think and had to do some reconstruction on her face and thats why she ended up loking like that. ur kinda bein a bitch with this one. do some research

      • She did have an accident, had a bad cut under her eye but that has nothing to do with her botched facial surgery. Last time I looked, the eye bone is not connected to the lip bone

  • Wikipedia says that she indeed had surgery after the car accident but suffers no long-lasting consequences from it, so I don’t know how much is the accident and how much is just a misuse of aesthetic procedures.

  • damn, i cant belive rose mcgowan of all people messed with her face like that! ive always liked rose and thought she was super sexy(she was bangin in planet terror) but this is shocking! it doesnt even look like the same chick. sad.

  • A rose by any other name should smell as sweet…but apparantly it only matters if you have a smokin’ hot face…

  • It looks like she was in a car accident. Most celebs dnt knw wht 2 do with their money, all i can say 2 the new Rose is ‘wht a waste of good money’

  • It looks like she aged, lost a little weight and she is making a different facial expression.
    I don’t see why anyone would think it’s anything more than that.

  • you are being really rude she got into an accident and the shards from her glasses were smashed into her face. i also agree with gross she honestly looks like it was the accident and she aged. i mean look at most of the younger celebs back in the day. i read your face hollows out just a little as you this i mean basically your not as cheeky as you used to be. have a little respect.she is a great actress and a beautiful woman.

  • Yes she had work done on her face for the mess that the car accident caused but her lips/ mouth area also was worked on I thought her original lips were one of the pretty things about her but she went and messed them up herself not because of any car accident. I thought this article was pretty fair.

  • Yeah, having a flap of skin get sliced from under your eye does not widen and flatten your mouth/lips. I just watched an episode of law and order SVU and I could only tell it was her by her voice from my many years of watching charmed. The fact is, she is still a great actor, but just doesn’t look like herself anymore!