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Is The Situation Doing Coke Off Of His Jesus Piece?

We’ve known for awhile now that there’s some drug use going on in the Jersey Shore house, and today pointed out that it may have been going on right in front of us.

Check out the screen grabs in the gallery and tell me that it doesn’t look like Ronnie’s ex is doing a bump of the devil’s dandruff off of The Sitch’s cross. If it wasn’t the odd, “Oh, what? Us? We’re just smelling his crucifix!” thing they have going on in the first two photos, it’s the quick exit/nose wipe combo that follows that gives them away.

Doing drugs in the middle of a nightclub when a full camera crew is with you is pretty dumb, but have you ever hung out with a cokehead? They’re shameless folks who will stop at nothing to get their fix. They’ll do it anywhere.

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  • FINALLY! I was watching last weeks episode with a friend, and when this scene happened, we must have rewound at least a dozen times trying to confirm that what we were seeing was what we were seeing. It’s so obvious that I have a hard time believing MTV would let it air, and I’m even more surprised that this is literally the first I’ve read about it since it aired. My friend and I were like….we could NOT have been the only people who saw that. It’s not shocking that it happened, it’s just shocking that it aired and hasn’t become some big gossip news story.

      • Yes they are both messing with their noses after but that doesn’t exatly mean they were doing Cocaine they are reguarly drug tested to remain on the show Jersey Shore but they tape Jersey Shore in the summer so if he did do it hopefully it as a one time thing.