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Lady Gaga Does A Capella Cover of ‘Born This Way’, Is Starting to Convert Me

I’ve said it over and over again: Lady Gaga impresses me, but her music sucks. It sounds like the cheesy music you’re subjected to in a Montreal disco, not like something we’d have as a number one hit in the States. But you guys? I am really blown away by the a capella version of her new hit “Born This Way” at Madison Square Garden last night. So what if the song is a ripoff of “Express Yourself”? You guys, she was born that way and I’m feelin’ it!

Tell me I’m not alone. Let me know your current stance on Gaga and “Born This Way” in the comments and by voting in the poll.


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  • She usually owns up to it like she wants fame for the sake of fame but here she says she doesn’t do it for the money or the fame? BULLSHIT.

  • Yeah, she is of course “the fame monster” but also this song is just too note-for-note “Express Yourself” to ignore it. I dig most of Gaga’s music, but this is hard to get into when I keep wanting to say “so if you want it right now, let me show you how.”

  • And why would music at a bar in Montreal suck? Have you ever been here? Because of course, it’s sooooo far from “in the States”