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Simon Cowell Gave a 10-Year Old Girl a Record Contract

If you thought you were worthless earlier today, wait until you get a load of this kid.

Heather Russell, a now 10-year old girl, has just been given a record contract by former American Idol judge Simon Cowell. In the video above, Heather performs a song she wrote on her own and damn! This munchkin can blow. Her voice is incredible, not just for her age, but for anyone. No wonder she got scooped up by even one of the snobbiest folks in the industry.

Heather went from being a girl on YouTube to a professional singer working with Lady Gaga’s producers overnight. The Internet feels a little bit less like a cesspool today.

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  • Taylor who? Yet another reason we shouldn’t listen to the bs that Tay Swift is oh so talented for her age!
    She reminds me of the early lady gaga, back when she was stefani

  • Well, Miley moved on into full blown whoredom. Guess it’s time to watch this one circle the drain.

  • Holy shit, this girl’s got some talent! I can’t wait to see here career progress.

    evilbeetdouche, I think you need a time out to think about your marshmallows and ponies.

  • Girl can write a song, but sorry folksters, having come from a vocal background, she is NOT carrying the tune very well. In that sense, she really is a lot like Taylor Swift. Maybe with autotune they can fix her up

  • I don’t think she’s all that good. She’s mostly just screaming into the mic. Maybe with some years of vocal training she’ll get up there.