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Let’s Play the Tila Tequila Blind Item Guessing Game!

Last night Tila Tequila was going bizonkers on her Twitter per the usual. She’s going to be an Ambassador to Vietnam still, she’s back to claiming she’s pregnant and she was complaining about a bad case of diarrhea. But! She also had a Blind Item for us! Someone’s been talking shit about Tila again in the press, but she’s tired of just putting people on blast so she made it a fun little game. Do you guys think you can guess who the most recent person to speak out against Tila in the press it? It’s a toughie, but I’m sure you gossip junkies will be able to figure it out.

OK, fine! Here are some more hints:

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  • I was wondering when Tila would start slamming Kelly, after she made this PERFECTLY LOGICAL comment..

    Speaking in her weekly Closer magazine column, she said: “Tila has been writing the most inappropriate and bizarre things on her Twitter page. She needs to shut up – I know she must be grieving, but ranting on Twitter seems really off.”

    She added: ” I first met Casey when I was about 15 and used to see her around. She clearly had problems and it’s so sad she died so young, especially as she had an adopted daughter.”

  • “she lost on dancing with the stars” as if that’s an insult? tila could only DREAM of being on that show and receiving the public support kelly did.

  • weirdly enough, my first thought was amy winehouse.
    whenever i hear the word Rehab i immediately think of her and her song so…

  • TT clearly has NPD = Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She is textbook and we are all giving her narcissistic supply, the very thing that she cannot go without. Probably cause her to curl up in the fetal position and die sucking her thumb.

    I think she could not stand Casey getting all the attention for being dead and has been struggling to keep herself in the news. Classic NPD behavior.

    Whether you hate her or love her it is the attention she’s after even if it is negative attention.

  • lmao i guess it all makes sense now that i’ve read the comments.. But i had no clue whatsoever before.. I didn’t even know what DWTS meant..