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Love It or Leave It: Bald Bieber

A photo of Justin Bieber on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

I feel like this is the third time or so that I’ve woken up on a Friday morning to discover that Justin Bieber did something different with his hair. Slowly but surely, I’m being conditioned to sleep fitfully through the night on Thursday, and then wake up with the chills and the body aches and the desperation that I know down to my core can only be caused by one thing: the dreaded Bieber Fever.

But enough about my health problems, because much more important things are happening in the world – Justin Bieber shaved his head!  Or to be more accurate, Jimmy Kimmel shaved Justin’s head on his show last night*.  And dear Justin Drew really seemed to like it, so I think this look might be staying for a while.  Among other reasons, Justin enjoyed the lack of hair because “I look like Michael Jordan, I think maybe it’s going to help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court” and because people will “just focus on my beautiful, silky smooth vocals.”  And really, can you fault him for wanting those things?

*You guys, of course I know they used a bald cap.  Of course I do. But do you think the majority of Beliebers out there understand footnotes?  Just let me have fun with this.

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