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Meg Ryan’s Engaged to John Cougar Mellencamp?!

Former America’s Sweetheart and current Frankenface Meg Ryan was photographed leaving her beau John Cougar Mellencamp’s recent show in Toronto with a thick gold band on a certain special finger. The actress and the musician have been quietly dating for a couple of months now.

What do I think of these two together? I think they’re perfect for each other. Neither one of them is the huge star that they used to be, but they were both at one time considered to be one of the best in their respective fields. It seems like they’re in really similar places in their lives and like they’d get along just great.

But just one thing: Doesn’t that ring on Meg’s finger look a lot more like a wedding band then an engagement ring? Is it remotely possible that these two are already hitched? Both of their reps are refusing to comment on this story and maybe that’s because they have something way bigger to hide than a measly engagement.

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  • They both had their heydays in the 80’s and make a great couple.

    I have been following Meg Ryan since she was half of the supercouple Steve and Betsy on As The World Turns. She did go through a bad patch with the plastic surgery a few years ago, but is looking pretty good now. Her lips are looking much better.

    John “Cougar” Mellencamp has one of my favorite albums, “Uh-Huh” and one of my favorite songs, “Hurts So Good”.

  • it it nice to see you smiling, as for most of the time your pictures Meg are with your head down, but not this time :) you have every reason to be happy Meg. wish you all the best :)

  • Didn’t she look in the mirror one day and think “F*ck.. I gotta stop this sh*t”. She used to be so pretty. She’s quite scary now to be honest!!

  • You’re right about Meg, but wrong about John. Meg messed up her career when she had a midlife crisis at 40-years-old, openly cheated in her husband with Russel Crowe before telling her husband she was ditching him for Crowe, who then dumped her, and she followed that up with ghastly plastic surgery shed didn’t even need yet. Her romance with Crowe, bad behavior toward her family, and the distraction of her weird looking face all tanked her career. John Mellencamp, however, is as big or bigger a star now as he was when he was younger. Highly respected in his field by fellow musicians, he is still putting out music praised by critics and he has a strong fan base. Remember, just because you don’t listen to a musician doesn’t mean a lot of other people don’t.

  • Wow thunderwoman, how many untruths are you able to tell in one comment? NEWSFLASH: dennis quaid cheated on Meg Ryan for years during the late nineties, so you really cant blame her for kicking nasty addict Quaid to the curb. As for her family: they are all doing fine, except for her awful mother. As for Crowe, he got dumped by Ryan, not vice versa. And Ryan is still way more famous than Mellencamp, sorry.

  • I’d like to see her get her face under control and come back and do some serious stuff. It seems she tried too hard to be acceptable when she was already accepted! Maybe she was trying to convince someone in Hollywood while we at home sat just waiting for something worthwhile from her. I don’t think we all cared about her aging as much as she did. Ellen Burstyn has been able to stay natural and keep making wonderful movies, so has Gena Rowlands,so why can’t Meg? She looks more like her old self in that photo, I hope she’s regaining herself.