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Love It or Leave It: Justin Bieber’s New Hair

A photo of Justin Bieber

You love it, right?  Because now you can see all of his angelic little face, and now you can really get creeped out by the fact that this guy is 16 and still has an angelic little face.  Those are some smoldering eyes though.  And of course, he’s got that killer bod (obviously I’m joking).

I’m sorry, kids, but don’t get too used to this new, insanely attractive (again, joking.  God, what’s wrong with preteens nowadays?) hairstyle, because this magic just happened for a single moment in time, thanks to Rolling Stone. Before we know it, we’ll be right back to that classically swooped hair attached to that impossibly beautiful face (still joking, but really just for myself at this point).

Photo via Jezebel

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