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Let Nicki Minaj, John Waters, and The Lonely Island Teach You How to Creep

I think this is the kind of video that can do a lot of different things for different people (sort of like that one video of Clay Aiken dancing and singing NKOTB’s “The Right Stuff”).  For some, this could be a confirmation that they have a Creep in their lives that they might want to avoid.  For others, this could be a lesson that the way they’re living their lives is in fact creepy and they need to reconsider it, and for those people, I say that yes, T-rexin’ your arms is nearly always inappropriate. For me, I now have the sound and image of John Waters telling me “don’t forget to smile” with me forever.  So all in all, I’m going to call this video a success.

We’re in agreement here, right?

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