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Can Someone Please Explain How This Couple Works?

Color me a moron, but how the fuck are these two still together?

Everything I know about Avril Lavigne (bratty Canadian pop-princess who’s had the same hair since 2003) and Brody Jenner (spoiled white boy/son of a celebrity athlete with a penchant for Barbie-like girls) says that they shouldn’t work together. If I had to imagine these two at home, it would just be a long series of arguments where Brody wants Avril to shut up and “just act normal” and Avril wants Brody to go skateboarding and rip the heads off rodents.

This relationship just screams “ongoing publicity stunt” to me. Except we don’t see them out together all that often and they’ve yet to pay a visit to Brody’s dad while the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras were around. I’m truly puzzled (but I do love her shoes!)

What do you think it is that keeps these two desperates together?

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