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Kirstie Alley Does Zumba on TV

Have you guys ever done Zumba? I’M ADDICTED. Seriously. Like, I could do it for hours a day, every day.  I find myself doing Zumba moves in my kitchen.  My ass hasn’t had this much shaking since I was twenty-one and new to the club-going nightlife scene.  The only difference now is that said ass isn’t groped and grinded on as much.  I mean, it could be, but the class is held in a church basement and I do it with a bunch of ladies, so … I’ll let you guys draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, Kirstie Alley was caught doing Zumba on television, and guys – she lost a bunch of weight. I mean, she’s still pretty heavy, but nothing – NOTHING – in comparison to what she was back in the day.

Kirstie Alley was always a stick-out celebrity in my mind, having been on Cheers and those fucking AWESOME Look Who’s Talking movies, and though she gained two hundred pounds or whatever, I always liked her, her personality (even if it did border on creepy Scientologist), and thought that she had a wicked hot face and entertaining spirit.

Keep on doing Zumba, Kirstie, and maybe we’ll see a big return to the silver screen, no pun intended. (OK, OK – pun intended.)