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Can Someone Please Explain This to Me?

photo of jennifer lopez pictures

Have you ever peeled the eye of a dog back while it slept? You know – gently. If you ever have, you saw that the dog had a film of white covering it’s actual eyeball. A protective thing, I suppose.  I think that’s what we have here, ladies and gentlemen.

Did, like, someone catch Lopez sleeping or something, or did they just maybe mention Ben Affleck’s name again?

Photo courtesy of The Superficial

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  • I actually choked laughing at this! Chocked! I almost died thinking about someone approaching Jennifer Lopez like a sleeping dog. Ahh, good job. Very funny.

      • Not gonna lie … I laughed out loud when I read ‘chocked,’ but not because I was making fun of you – because ‘chocked’ just seemed so appropriate! :)

  • Yikes! It makes me think of this product my grandma bought off of QVC years ago. It was this liquid and powder that you mixed together that solidified on your face and was supposed to smooth out fine lines. I used it once and sort of had a similar result. The skin around my eyes was suspended and severely tight and all I could think of was that I looked like a lizard.
    Perhaps this is the result of some kind of magical suspension serum???

  • Is this a glass eye? It kinda looks like a glass eye, doesn’t it? It’s creepy and weird and just sorta looks like it can pop out any moment.