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Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery Transformation (1991-Present)

There’s no doubt that Nicole Kidman, who recently became a mom for the fourth time, is a gorgeous woman. There’s also no doubt that Nicole has touched up her face quite a bit over the years. As you flip through the gallery below, notice how her face seems to tighten up around the year 2000. Maybe homegirl got a facelift after seeing her slightly aging face in her 1999 Vogue spread?

And then there’s the occasional baggy spot on her face when everything else is tight enough to bounce a quarter off of. Usually when you see that it means that a lesser amount of Botox was injected into those droopy parts than in the rest of the face and the treatment has worn off.

Also, see that quirky dent in her upper lip in the “before” picture up top? Well, sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. That probably means she’s been occasionally stuffing her lips with Restylane or another temporary filler.

There’s no shame in your plastic surgery game, Nicole, but don’t think we haven’t noticed.

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