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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Had Another Child Together

photo of nicole kidman and keith urban at us open pictures

But not together, like, literally, because apparently Nicole didn’t want another one of those child-things fouling up her perfect figure again.

According to a statement released by Keith and Nicole’s rep, a female child by the name of Faith was born to a surrogate mother on December 28th, 2010 at a hospital in LA, and a certain Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are named as the child’s biological parents. The couple has come forward to acknowlede that the child is theirs, but someone’s not telling us the whole story here.

Realistically speaking, there may have been medical issues present which prevented Nicole from safely carrying another child, so if that’s the case, God bless today’s science that provided Nicole and Keith the option to even consider a second child via surrogate.  In either case, congratulations to the expanding family on the birth of baby Faith. But seriously, that’s just one option. The other is the thing that I said above, because if the whole body-too-fragile-to-endure-pregnancy and ‘I-don’t-want-to-die-but-I-want-another-kid’ thing isn’t true? You can BANK that the superficial ‘childbirth is icky’ thing is VALID for DAYS.

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  • wow. Nicole and Tom adopted cause they couldn’t have children. She and Keith was lucky enough to have one child, I think I read about it somewhere they had problem tho before she was born. My first thought was that they couldn’t become pregnant by themself this time. I don’t think it has anything to do with her messing up her body. GZ to them.
    And really shame on all of you calling them stupid stuff when you dont know why they made this choise.

  • I agree with the person above. Wow. Infertility is not something to be knocked. You may think you are being “funny” and “snarky” but you just come across as a heartless, soulless individual. You are not them. You don’t know their situation. Shame on you.

  • This is semi-unrelated, but every time Nicole or Tom Cruise have another kid, I have to wonder what the hell happened to the first two? It’s like they don’t exist and both halves of the former couple had a child reboot after the divorce. So, seriously, who’s got custody of those kids? (There WERE two, weren’t there?)

    • I know Cruise has more control over them custody wise. Maybe they are hardcore with the Xenu(Scientology), if they were they would be raised to only hang around people who are also heavy into Scientology, which Kidman is not.

  • EVEN IF she is extremely fertile(which she probably isnt) I dont think this would be really that crazy of a decision. I mean it’s abnormal for sure but if you’ve already experienced the whole pregnancy thing and you were rich and didnt want to go through 9 months of it again, why the heck not? How SWEET would that be? ::POOF:: a baby YAY

  • Congratulations to Keith and Nicole. To those who are shamefully sarcastic about surrogacy, you should keep your comments to yourself unless you have walked in those shoes. Infertility is a problem for many women who would love to have a biological child.

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