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Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Her Crazy Faced Twins Out For a Walk

Hey! Before you all pigpile on me in the comments for making fun of babies, let me clarify: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twin girls are majorly adorable, but with two actors making up their DNA, it’s no surprise that they’re so animated. Especially whichever one it is that Sarah The Wilting Flower‘s holding. They’re twins. You expect me to be able to tell them apart? Please. No one can. I feel like if you took off their little Ugg boots you’d find their names written on the bottom on their feet in Crayola marker just like they did when Jesse and Becky had twins on Full House.

Anyway, this baby’s faces gave me more chuckles than any LOLCat I’ve laid my eyes on recently, so click through to see what else she’s got…