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Timbaland Reaches Out To Demi Lovato Like a Fan Girl via YouTube


The above video was posted to Timbaland’s YouTube account last night by the man himself and it’s basically a two minute video of the super producer begging Demi to work with him. He even plays a short sample of the song that he wrote for her to perform with him and it sounds like a complete departure from anything we’ve heard him do in the past, but a really solid teeny bopper pop hit.

Timb says  he came across Demi’s stuff on YouTube and was blown away by her voice and personality and immediately got excited about the idea of working with her. I’m not sure if people just a handful of years younger than me realize this, but Timbaland is THE BEST. He’s responsible for all those practically unparalleled Missy Elliott and Aaliyah jams from back in the day and his own stuff always kills it, too.

The way Jessica Simpson used to freak out over Dolly Parton? That’s what Demi should be doing right now in the rec room of her rehab facility. It’s her career Chirstmas as far as I’m concerned.

Then again, his magic nothing for Michelle Branch.