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Kendall Jenner’s Latest Photo Shoot: At Least She’s Got More Clothes on This Time

photo of kendall jenner t-shirt photoshoot pictures

So a lot of the crazy prudes on the ‘net are crying that Kendall Jenner’s photo shoot for Marc Clark’s new t-shirt line is inappropriate. You know what I think was inappropriate? Kendall Jenner’s photo shoot of this past summer, where she frolicked like a Kardashian sex kitten in a bikini on the beach. Fully clad in crappy t-shirts that will probably end up selling on clearance at Forever 21? Totally appropriate.

If you guys have forgotten, I’ll remind you: Kendall Jenner is fifteen. While she could better be served (and serve) doing things like using her weird fame allure to, I don’t fucking know, spread knowledge of safe sex in high schools (oh wait, that’d probably get her thrown under the bus, too) or what, playing Barbie dolls in her backyard (that appropriate for you?), it’s hella better than writhing on sandy beaches, clothed in not much more than a few pieces of lycra and elastic as a high school freshman.

People want to be pissed about something aside from her t-shirt photo shoot? I’d be more outraged that this girl’s walking around with an over-inflated sense of self-importance, because let’s not kid ourselves – the last thing we need is another Kardashian or Miley Cyrus.