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The National Enquirer Says That John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Are Engaged and I Believe It

photo of john edwards and rielle hunter pictures

John Edwards, whose estranged wife, Elizabeth, passed away a few weeks ago after a battle with cancer, has reportedly popped the question to his baby mama and partner in busting up a long-term marriage, Rielle Hunter.

Sources indicate that she said yes, and I have no doubts that this story is totally legit – it was the Enquirer that broke the story of the affair those years ago, so why wouldn’t they be spot-on this time, too? It’s like the magazine has a bug stuck to Edwards’ ass, which transmits messages every time he shits, cheats, or proposes to some crazy-eyed famewhore.

And speaking of which, the headline on the latest edition screamingly directs John’s two young children to CALL RIELLE MOMMY. Because yes. Calling the woman who broke your mommy and daddy up ‘Mommy’ is probably just as rational as assuming that these children forgot that their mother died three weeks ago.

This is going to be a totally normal, non-obsessive relationship.  For sure.

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