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Howard K. Stern Catches Another Lucky Break, But The DA Ain’t Havin’ It

For those of you who have been following the case against Howard K. Stern and the doctors that provided Anna Nicole Smith with the prescription drugs that ultimately killed her, today’s just another frustrating day. After the jury brought back a guilty verdict on two of the nine counts of conspiracy Stern was facing, the judge threw them out claiming that the conviction was baseless.

The judge also ruled that Khristine Eroshevich, a doctor that provided Smith with a Vicodin prescription, not be sentenced to more than a year’s probation and a $100 fine, saying that she’d acted out of concern for Smith.

Thankfully the DA, Steve Cooley, is pissed and told TMZ, “We strongly disagree with Judge Robert Perry’s ruling today. [The ruling] diminishes the huge social problem of prescription drug abuse facilitated by irresponsible caretakers and unscrupulous medical professionals.”

Cooley also added that he’s going to start the appeal process on this case, but hasn’t yet decided whether or not he’ll retry Stern on the charges that came back not guilty.

This entire case has made a circus of our court system. Whenever cases get dragged out for this long, the evidence gets completely watered down and the true facts seem to go missing. If Howard K. Stern wasn’t the defendant in this case, I’m pretty sure a string of guilty verdicts would have come back ages ago. He’s always, since our first introduction to him on The Anna Nicole Show, been a master manipulator and a screaming, crying baby.

Does anyone doubt for a second that this guy is G-U-I-L-T-Y?