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Love It or Leave It: Snooki’s Birthday Princess Look

A photo of Snooki

On November 23, 1987, a gift was given to this world.  That gift was Nicole Polizzi, and nearly 23 years later, she’s still giving. Specifically, she’s giving many of you a headache and a sense of hopelessness for the youth of America..

Regardless, Snooki found time to celebrate her birthday in Manhattan last night, and it looks like she had a fabulous time.  I think that little patch of blonde she has in her hair is stupid, but otherwise I am loving her ensemble.  I believe that any day you can call your special day, you should do whatever you damn well please.  Like JWoww could be like “is that tiara a bit much, Snooks?” and she could be like “I’m wearing what I want, it’s my special day, waaah!”  Or the bartender could be like “I’m not sure if this fourth shot of tequila is the best idea, ma’am,” and she’d be totally within her rights to say “relinquish your liquor, sir, for it is my special day” (ok, she’d probably do the “waaah” thing again, but you get where I’m going with this).

Happy birthday, Snooki!  You have so many special days ahead of you!

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  • I mean, I think that she kind of looks like a coconut that has been rolled in shredded coconut. I am not attempting to be cruel — honestly, I could really go for some coconut cake right now.

    It’s definitely better than looking like a pumpkin, which is what she usually does. And while I’m horrified to learn that I am more than seven months older than she, I suppose that I wish her a happy birthday, too.