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Quotables: Everything You Never Wanted to Know About John Travolta’s Secret Gay Adventures

A photo of John Travolta

“His preference is Middle Eastern or guys with dark features. His taste has changed over the 15 years that I’ve seen him visiting spas. First he strictly liked black guys. For the longest time if you weren’t black, he didn’t want you. Then he was into Middle Eastern men. Then it was Mexicans and other Hispanic guys. Then he moved on to Koreans. I guess he doesn’t have much of a preference any more.”

– Robert Randolph, author of You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again, on John Travolta’s taste in men.

I mentioned this book a while back, and it still hasn’t been released, but Randolph had quite the (NSFW) chat with Gawker.  That little quote above is by far the tamest excerpt – I didn’t want you guys to unwilling glance over one of the quotes explicitly mentioning Travolta’s dick – but it still makes me smile.  Randolph seems like such a catty man, doesn’t he?

By the way, he says that the National Enquirer gave him a lie detector test on the subjects of Travolta and spas, and he totally passed. So either he’s telling the truth or he’s a sociopath.  You go ahead and make an educated guess.

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  • Tee hee hee! You’re right, this is such a money quote. “He likes this. Well, he did always like this. And then he liked that. Fuck it, he doesn’t have a type.” Ooohhh hoo hoo hee, he’s so gay.

  • I think the one thing that really supports the notion that Travolta is gay is that he really hasn’t come out and refuted any of the allegations regarding it. I’ve been hearing about him being at least bi for nearly 20 years now. If I was a leading male movie star who wasn’t gay and there were maligned accusations regarding my sexual preferences being spread all over the place, I think I’d make more than just a little effort to address the public about them.