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Drew Carey Is Bringing Improv Back to TV

A photo of Drew Carey

Ok, I’m sure there’s some improv somewhere on TV right now, but nothing that matters.  Remember “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”  That mattered.

If you do remember “Whose Line” and you enjoyed it, then you’re probably going to be super glad to hear that the show Drew Carey is producing and starring in also features Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten, and Kathy Kinney.  It’s set to come on the Game Show Network next spring, and they’re going ahead and filming 40 episodes in Las Vegas.  Drew describes the show as “a lot more free-form” than “Whose Line,” saying that they’re going to rely on the audience much more.  Yes, yes and yes.

I can’t even describe the love I have for “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” because there’s far too much of it.  This new show is about seven steps beyond exciting.  The only thing that saddens me is that Colin Mochrie’s name hasn’t been mentioned yet.  He was amazing, right?

If you’re not picking up my hints, I’m trying to encourage “Whose Line” love in the comments.  It’s time for that.

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