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Courtney Love Wants You to Care About Her Shoes And Also Her Sexiness

A photo of Courtney Love

Just last month, Courtney Love posted a series of pictures on her Twitter that had a whole lot of people sadly shaking their heads, tsk tsking, mumbling “oh, Courtney,” or a combination of those things.  Well, she’s back, you guys.  This time with fashion*!

But really, Courtney Love fascinates and concerns me, and that started way back when the video for “Doll Parts” was making its rounds and my sister blared it whenever it came on, and I was like “excuse me, I’m trying to learn subtraction here,” and she’d be like “shut up and watch this.”  So I did, and this sordid love/hate affair began.

On a more visceral level, what the fuck is she doing with her life?  Who is taking this pictures for her?  Is she using a timer on her camera, or is it that girl who posed with her for the kissy nipple picture (NSFW on account of the nipples)?  Either way, if she “doesn’t want to be perceived as a trainwreck,” she should reconsider posting pictures like this for the world to see.

Heads up, in a couple of these pictures, Courtney’s pressing a shiny ball against her ass for some reason, so keep an eye out for that if you’re at the office or if you scar easily or whatever.

*I’m only including the pictures of the shoes because they’re pretty fantastic shoes.

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  • Icky poo poo. I would NEVER get my family jewels near this
    infecta-tart. However, I have a friend who most definitely DID, yesirree bob. That’s gross, dude. A disgusting act. Ickkkhhhhhhh….