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Jessica Simpson Opens Up About Her Relationship with Food, Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson sat down for an interview with USA Today, Maria Shriver and Ali Wentworth for a Women’s Conference on Monday and she opened up about some hot topics. Jessica is always super honest in interviews, but I don’t know that I’ve seen her do one in quite some time. Here are some of the choice quotes from her interview on Monday:

On seeing her ex-husband, Nick:
“He was at the same restaurant. I didn’t speak to him.”

On her new dude, Eric Johnson:
“He definitely makes me very happy. He brings out a lot of light in me and makes me very comfortable being who I am. It’s nice to be with somebody who praises you for the right reasons.”

On the constant scrutiny from the press re: her weight:
“I feel like people are constantly curious as to how much I weigh or what I look like or what I wear. There’s no way you’re not going to be affected by the ugly things people say about you. It’s very hurtful. It definitely brings up a lot of your own insecurities.”

On her relationship with food:
“I’m from Texas, I like everything fried, which is the really unfortunate thing. My relationship with food? I want it when I’m sad. When I’m happy, I don’t think much about it. But I do like to go out on a date for a good dining experience. It’s important not to say, ‘I can’t have this’ because then I obsess about it.”

On ‘the perfect day’:
“A good pampering day for me would be vegging out on the couch, eating whatever the heck I want to eat and watching all my TV shows.”

OK, so nothing groundbreaking. We can assume that she’s an emotional eater like all of us and that her ideal day involves lounging around like we saw her do for three straight seasons on Newlyweds, but that’s interesting about her and Nick ignoring each other. Not for a moment did I think they were mature enough to have healed their wounds, but I certainly didn’t think it was so bad that they would treat each other like strangers in a restaurant.

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  • Whatever Jessica.
    I’m also from Texas, and NOT EVERYONE there wants ‘everything fried.’
    Not in THE LEAST.
    Way to break the streotype, ya weaksauce loser.