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The Most Amazing YouTube Video of an 8-Year Old Auditioning You’ll See Today

This video of 8-year old Abigail Chu trying out for the part of Trasha in Scott Pilgrim has been circling the Internet today and it’s pretty incredible.

Abigail learned how to play the drums specifically for this part (which we all know by now she landed) and she’s actually pretty good at it for someone who probably can’t even read that well yet. She’s got a little flavor on her. The way she flips the bird to the camera at the end?

That’s an artist right there.

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  • Uumm…was I supposed to be impressed? Sure she’s 8, but I’ve seen better 8 year old musicians who AREN’T in movies.

  • ok..obviously molls you don’t have children or nieces/nephews or friends with children or know children because by the time they’re 8, kids are reading pretty damn well.

  • uuuuummm….. sorry….. not seeing too terribly much talent going on there… she didn’t even count herself down… my 4 yr. old can do that… for real… should i have let her audition for that movie?… is that all it takes? was it a slow news day?

  • Nice. Bunch of haters for an 8 year old. Losers.

    Anyway, yeah she is pretty good at it, I hope that little chick keeps up with it and turns out to be the female equivalent of Neil Peart!