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Tim Gunn Is Full Of Wisdom

A photo of Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is one of the classiest men on television.  I have never heard anyone say one negative word about him, and I’ve talked to a lot of people about Tim Gunn.  There’s this pretentious girl that would never shut up about Shakespeare and her immense talent for costume design and writing poetry, and back when I first met her I thought that she might have a chance of being all right, so I invited her over to watch Project Runway.  She turned out to be the most annoying girl I’ve ever met, but that one time we watched Project Runway together, we bonded over our Tim Gunn love.  He can reach everyone.

And that’s why I’ve made a list of celebrities that he’s talked about recently.  He’s given these people some free indirect advice, and I just hope that they’re smart enough to Google themselves and find Tim’s words of wisdom.

Taylor Momsen:  Tim recently filmed a guest appearance on Gossip Girl, and he did not appreciate Taylor’s attitude.  You can watch the video here to listen to Tim say that Taylor is “the luckiest girl in the world,” but she’s acting like a “spoiled sourpuss.”  Wise up, Taylor.

Lindsay Lohan:  Lindsay was the fashion director at Ungaro last fall, and Tim wasn’t too pleased with that either.  He said that “Mr. Ungaro is dead and God knows he must have been rolling over in his grave, but I thought, this is one of the last couture houses left in this entire world. Lindsay Lohan is the creative director? How absurd is that! It would be like asking, I don’t know, like, asking Suri Cruise to pilot a fighter jet.”  Hear that, Lindsay?  Stick to what you know (except for cocaine).  Speaking of Suri Cruise …

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes:  “Suri is, she’s her mother and father’s dress up doll and I feel in many ways she’s a fashion victim and it’s just very inappropriate. I think it’s unsafe too. She’s a little kid and [she’s] tottering around on these stilettos or quasi stilettos. It’s really inappropriate and I feel bad for her in a manner of speaking.”

Lady Gaga:  Tim may be a Gaga fan, but he was disappointed with her VMA meat dress.  “”It was a costume of the craziest kind. It’s shock value, pure and simple,” he said. “I respect Lady Gaga and her work, but we’ve been here before. So, Lady, it’s been done. Be more creative.”

Make it work, you guys!

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