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More on the Britney Spears Weave Watch

photo of britney spears looking a bit rough with her busted weave photos pictures

OK. I know we all have varying opinions of Britney Spears ranging from ‘goddess’ to ‘psychopath’ to ‘dribbling, drooling mental patient,’ but there’s one thing that you can’t deny, one thing that we’ve all just got to be on the same page about: the nastiness of her stinking, tangled weave.

Uh, still.

Britney was photographed yesterday in LA grabbing a sweet treat and donning what looks like … I don’t even know. I’ve written about this botched weave in so many other posts that I’ve used up all of my good analogies. It looks like fucking hell, is what it does. End of story, minus the frilly words.

And her boyfriend, Jay-Jay Trawick? Unless he totally gets off over ‘running’ his fingers through his girl’s hair during foreplay (only to find an entire grape PushPop stuck in there somewhere), he’s just as much to blame when it comes to the couple’s failing joint hygiene standards.

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  • A girl was walking in front of me today and one of her tracks fell out – it was just lying on the sidewalk like roadkill. That’s what it must be like to be around Britney – never knowing when the next chunk is going to drop.

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