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Justin Bieber Visits Hooters; My Bieber Fever Worsens

A photo of Justin Bieber

I know the picture’s blurry, ok?  I know that.  But there are more important things happening right now.  For instance, Justin Bieber is at a fucking Hooters.

I don’t know if I can place my finger on exactly what I find so enchanting about this picture.  Perhaps it’s just my Bieber love taking over and making me irrationally excited.  Perhaps it’s because he could easily be one of the Hooters girl’s little sister who happens to be really butch.  I don’t know, the boy is just a pint-sized package of magic, and I can’t deny that.

Anyway, this now legendary Hooters is in Edmonton, a recent stop on Bieber’s tour.  His opening band, Legaci, stopped by for a meal, then promised to bring The Biebz by.  They made good on their promise, but because of Bieber’s gift/curse, he was too swarmed by screaming adolescent girls to stay too long.

I think another reason why I love this so much is the confusion and hurt that the other Hooters patrons must have felt.  If you were just some guy from Edmonton who wanted to stop by your favorite restaurant for a beer and some ladies in shorts and instead you got a herd of crying preteens?  That would be a bonerkill.  A bonerkill to the max.

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