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Snooki’s Judge Tells Her Some Home Truths

A photo of Snooki

So remember that time back in July that Snooki got arrested?  Well, she had to go to court for that yesterday, and her judge was not afraid to share his true feelings:

“You seem to be acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe,” Judge Damian Murray chastised the demurely, all-black-clad reality starlet. “Going through life rude, profane, obnoxious and self-indulgent is not the way you want to go through life. If it was scripted, only you can determine whether it was worth trading your dignity for a paycheck.”

I’m not one to bring back catchphrases from the earlier part of the decade, but SNAP!  Pretty spot on, though.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Jersey Shore in all the wrong ways (kind of like I love the drunken redneck guys that hang out downtown in the wrong way, or like I loved the misguided, trashy sorority girls who sold their souls in the wrong way), but the judge kind of hit the nail on the head.

Luckily (maybe), that reprimand was the worst Snooki got – all charges were dropped.  And as for the judge?  The Lohans are “very disappointed” in him.

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  • So let me get this straight, she got drunk and a little rowdy on the beach and the judge rips her a new one, but other celebs drink and drive, do drugs, and violate probation and get no type of a lecture? totally fair

  • Snooki isn’t a coke whore. That judge is a complete asshole, getting drunk is one thing, comparing her to a train wreck of epic proportions is another. I don’t considering comparing someone who drinks to a coke head “hitting the nail on the head” lol, but apparently idiots that run this site do.