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Adam Brody Chews Out K.Stew, Takes It Back

Adam Brody recently did an interview with writer Diablo Cody and she asked him what he thought about celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, who seem put off by the fame that comes with their job.

At the time Adam offered a pretty candid response saying, “It’s only gotten worse, I’m sure, being a celebrity. At the same time, I don’t have a lot of patience for people who moan about it too much. Because there are many things you could do… It’s like, quit… you don’t need to be an actor, so it’s like, if it’s that much of a problem… there’s the door.”

After seeing the interview and being asked follow up questions by MTV News, Adam basically retracted his statement, “It wasn’t taken out of context. I saw (the interview) and thought I sounded like an idiot. I did. Regardless of how anyone else took anything, I would think that sounds very ungentlemanly and I sounded like a jacka**.”

I’d never knock a dude for trying to do the gentlemanly thing, but there would have been a way to reiterate his statement without  What he initially said, although not especially articulate, was not inaccurate. Working in Hollywood requires a certain willingness to play along with fame. Hollywood is not a small art community that deeply gives a shit about your performance. It’s a business, and you don’t make money by being a nobody. Nothing ungentlemanly in being smart about your business.

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