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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Remember when Katharine McPhee was just a gawky American Idol contestant who had a pretty decent singing voice and you couldn’t figure out whether you liked her or you didn’t care either way?

I mean, you could say kind of the same thing about Carrie Underwood except, of course, Carrie Underwood’s kind of a superstar, and Katharine McPhee is here at a reception for Expedition Blue Planet’s “A Night With Alexandra Cousteau,” raving about her shoes, which are Steve Madden.  I guess I can’t wig too much; it’s a huge step forward that McPhee’s no longer blonde and has gone back to her roots of brunette — no pun intended.

So yeah.  You’ve come a long way from “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree,” girl. But you really need to keep your lips zipped over this whole Steve Madden thing if you ever want to work in this town again.

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    • I’m wondering this, too. Is it because Steve Madden shoes are affordable? From here, they look like plain black pumps to me. But if she loves them – whether they’re Payless shoes or Louboutins – who cares?

      • Yeah, I’m confused. Is this a problem with Steve Madden? Or is it just that rich people shouldn’t bother with affordable shoes?