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Katharine McPhee Still Has Fans

I was just sitting in the shower the other day thinking about celebrities, because that’s what I do in the shower, and I shower like five times a day, which is probably why I have so many thoughts about celebrities. Anyway, my shower thought was “Does Katharine McPhee have a sustainable career?” I couldn’t come up with a clear answer, but obviously someone still cares about her. Katharine was swarmed by paps the other day — and she wisely kept mum as they drilled her with questions about same-sex marriage — and was saved by what I think is a homeless woman, who grabbed her by the arm and pushed her through a door and then cussed out the paps. Sweet. I want one of these ladies to take everywhere with me. And when someone annoys me I’ll just be like, “Ahem. I think my homeless lady has something she wants to say to you.”

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  • hahahaha wtf? That was weird. If it was some random homeless lady, then whose house did she shove her into?

  • wow you in the shower is a thought the world didn’t need. and we get it you shower too much which might stem from mental problems. your homeless lady at least wouldn’t be crying out for attention for her mental issues

    • I think the showering 5 times a day was probably an over-exaggeration, so we can probably all relax about Beet’s “mental issues”.

      • Also, “sitting in the shower,” which — who does that? Sitting? Unless you need to have a good cry, in which case, I totally recommend it.

  • That homeless lady is on TMZ on TV all the time. They always say her name but I forgot what it was.
    She somehow finds random celebrities, grabs them and yells at the paps.

  • that was hilarious! i would’ve freaked if some stranger grabbed me and pulled me somewhere without asking haha- but clearly the older woman had good intentions… i would def freak over catching her germs though..

  • ha ha… that’s brilliant.. Maybe she’s like the ‘superman’ or I guess superwoman to celebs.. she senses celebs in need and dives out to fight off the paparazzi.. ?

    What impressed me was the female paparazzi walking to Katherine’s right, she was wearing weird heels with pointy toes… i wouldn’t think that would be the most practical choice for chasing down and terrorizing celebs.. but good for her! I can’t even walk in heels.. lol..

    and Anya.. i’m always sitting in the shower all the time.. is that weird?

  • Kat still has lots of fans, and I am one of them!!! New album soon, New movie soon also!! And I love this video!!

  • When I 1st saw this I wasn’t gunna watch, then decided too. Then I thought why the hell am I watching this and almost stopped. But the end was great. I’m glad I stuck it out :-)

    And last night I went to the Royals game & it was Ladies Night. Which just means they give away a bunch of free shit. And I got a sample of shampoo. It’s in a package that looks like a CD (?) And Katherine is on the front. I actually thought at 1st they were giving away a CD by her. So that’s what she’s doing now, pimpin out shampoo.
    Also Richard B (don’t remember is last name) season 4 winner from Top Chef was there making frozen popcorn balls on a stick. Yes, you read that right. And he either lost a bunch of weight or tv not only adds 10 lbs, but like 20!

  • i sit in the shower too. usually because i’m too exhausted to stand and my body hurts, but it’s nice to just sit under the hot water and chill when you’ve had a long day. i wash my body standing up of course, but i’ll sit to shampoo my hair and shave. i don’t think it’s weird at all.